Internet of Things

Visio Soft

VisioSoft is a firmware, research and development company that produces IoT devices across various communication protocols that assist business to increase ROI, improve business process and promote savings

Smart View Technology

Smart-View Technology delivers the best in class bespoke software solutions, providing real-time visibility through digitalisation.

Artificial Inteligence

The Talent Index

A real time Artificial Intelligence platform for corporates wanting to understand the opportunities, risk and the profiles within their customer and employee base.Leveraging the latest in machine learning and algorithms, TTi profiles people in real time, so corporate do

Auto Advisor

AutoAdvisor specializes in using tech, data and AI to build digital solutions for the automotive sector. Our industry insight and focus on consumer journey has allowed us to build custom industry first solutions for the South African automotive market.


B2HA works with you to balance risk against realisable benefit and to attain sustainable results
from technology investment

Smme Index

As SMME’s play a key role in overcoming economic growth challenges and high unemployment rates we have taken it upon ourselves to make a contribution. Through connecting corporates and SMME’s in a transparent manner we hope to achieve these goals.

Payment Platform

PayPoint Direct

PayPoint is a Service and Technology Company providing Debit and Credit Card Payments, SSD-ATM, Pre-Payment, Grant payments and Insurance systems to Financial Institutions, State Owned Enterprises and Retailers.

DT One

DT One operates a leading global network for mobile top-up solutions, innovative mobile rewards and airtime credit services.We offer over five billion people across emerging economies greater access to digital communications, enabling them to stay better connected and as a result participate more actively in the global economy.


 We provide money transfer across borders by interconnecting diverse payment systems that enable better movement of funds into and out of emerging economies. Our network makes it possible for Mobile Wallet Operators, Corporations, Merchants, Money Transfer Operators and Banks to move funds in real time to and from emerging countries. 

Kuva Cash

Kuvacash is committed to entering new markets across Africa in a legitimate manner with the approval of regulators. While blockchain-powered solutions have the power to unlock the economic potential of citizens by providing solutions at the grass-roots level, we at Kuvacash believe that governments also have an opportunity to play an important role in shaping the digital future of Africa.