Who We Are?

About Cognitive City

Digitalisation is a social and business phenomenon, which is powered by the many incredible technologies that Cognitive City has at its disposal today. How you adopt and incorporate these technologies is the essence of digitalisation – it enables you to seamlessly weave together processes, systems, customers, partners and employees and become the ultimate connected business. Cognitive City is a Global Ecosystem Enabler that promotes digitalisation through Artificial Intelligence, Smart Payment Platforms and the Internet of Things. We are based in South Africa and have a presence in Hong Kong, New York City and London allowing us to service customers anywhere in the world. We have identified various Industry challenges and aim to solve these with technology resulting in a positive social change and public benefit.

“Cognitive City has developed a digital Ecosystem that ensures the inevitability of cost reduction, increased revenue, business proficiencies and life augmentation. Our major strength is our ability to connect devices and deploy solutions over a multiplicity of networks.”


We source and enable IoT devices and systems across a Global Network of customers. We provide an end to end IoT Solutions to Customers via our Systems Integrators and Platform Providers. We are the sole distributors to Visiosoft who are South Africa’s largest Sigfox approved IoT Device Manufacturer. We offer Artificial Intelligence solutions using Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Creative analytics. We assess the data that’s available in the market both paid for and public data, we then identify what challenges we can solve with this data for industries.


Our Smart Payment systems facilitate multiple secure payments, pre-payment, ATM and mobile transactions between consumers and their service providers, by offering payment options to a variety of omni-channels and target markets. We specialise in design, development, deployment and management of payment infrastructure and we have vast experience in the emerging market segment. We were also instrumental in assisting Empire Partner Foundation transition into an Innovation tech hub. The Tech hub will serve as an incubator for SMME’s and their development. The Tech hub will identify the various socio-economic challenges that are facing South Africa and use technology to solve these challenges. The Innovation tech hub has also supported local talent by empowering a team of young innovators at the EPF 4IR Tech Hub.